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Peruse the form book below, and look for patterns, or form, and combine this with an idea of how the weather may affect the race. It’s just like horse racing, a hard race and your distance birds (stayers) will come to the fore, and in a short blue skied race your sprinters will come through.


Take a look at our Golden Wings Challenge birds, these yearlings are being trained over 3 years for Barcelona, and this year will be competing in the following races: Bretuil – 54miles, Clermont – 72 miles, Pontoise – 91 miles, Bretuil – 74 miles, St Just – 98 miles, Fontenay – 143 miles, Blois – 201 miles, Chateaudun – 167 miles, Chateaudun – 167 miles and Blois -201 miles.

Pigeon NameFancierSex20190418 - Trainer 25 Miles20190423 - Trainer 25 Miles20190424 - Trainer 25 Miles20190503 - Trainer 43 Miles20190513 - Trainer 43 Miles20190515 - Trainer 43 Miles20190516 - Trainer 43 Miles20190521 - Trainer 43 Miles20190522 - Trainer 43 Miles20190523 - Trainer 43 Miles20190529 - Trainer 43 Miles20190603 - Trainer 43 Miles20190606 - Trainer 43 Miles20190609 - Bretuil 54 miles

Select a pigeon you think has what it takes to win the race, and bid what you can afford at auction. We have starting prices of face value £10 nom and £5 nom. Please note any bidding above this will alter the winning bidders nomination pools return. We are however the only nomination pool that guarantees a return of 3:1*, with a maximum of 11:1*.

*Subject to 15% pool commission

Coming exclusively to


Setting the scene for 2020, we have sent 10 late breds to Nord pas du Calais to acclimatise and begin the process of ranging off and discovering their new home. For 2020 itself we will be training them until April with short training tosses of 25 and 43 miles before sending them on to distances from 54 miles up to 201 miles as yearlings and 440 miles as old birds.

These late breds were bred by George Dever of 5 Star Lofts, a loft that produced the ace speed hen “Pure Delight”, in the Costa Del Sol OLR 2018. They will all be pedigreed and photo’d so that you can even see the shape and wing of the bird, as well as exactly what it is out of. You will also be able to follow the progress of each bird race by race.

Should you be interested in joining the league with your own birds, the fee is £10 per month for any pigeon sent, and you will of course retain all rights to nominate your own pigeons.


Again based in France, and run on the same principles MIDFOND MAESTROS LEAGUE we will also soon be offering a SPRINT SPECIALISTS LEAGUE in 2020. With some of the closest lines to the fastest sprint pigeons for sale having been purchased to race next year, those looking for week in week out fun should look no further. We are bringing in 4 birds from a very special friend, Jack Berry, and will look forward to a testing sprint series of races between 54 miles and 143 miles and with 10 races in total its sure to be action packed as we crown the winner of the 2020 SPRINT SPECIALIST CUP.


After the season we offer a full auction service to any fanciers racing with us, both from the team and of brothers/sisters, nephews and nieces. Auction costs are set at 20% and come with an option to either pay for Walkers transport, or send to, or continue racing, at £10 per month per pigeon. Please be advised you may sell league racing pigeons only in the off-season and sales of racing pigeons in the wwww.poolapigeon.com race series’ may only be achieved through the www.poolapigeon.com auction. This will incur a 15% loft bonus fee, and Auction costs/commission of 20%, reducing potential returns by 35%.

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